Random Photos

Atlas moth - its wing span almost covering the trunk of the giant tree in the forest behind our farm

Relentless rain ....and the Holle is flooded again

Tiny wild flowers growing on the wall

Sharing the sun shine spot

First batch of Home grown ginger

Lantern Fly.... Ain't it beautiful.

Finally the rain has let up and we can bask in the sun!

Kokum Processing begins.....although due to the prolonged rains,  this years harvest is miniscule compared to last few years'     
Read about  Kokum  processing here http://ourfarmatchitrapur.blogspot.com/2017/04/krazy-about-kokum.html

Shades of Brown.....The Gang waiting outside the gate after grazing out in the forest.

The front yard is a mess after the Rice harvest.........

But who cares..... ............Zuki in blissful snooze mode!

Two days back our Buffalo family -Madhubala, Madhuwanti, Madhukauns and the little darling Padmavati, played truant and did not return home.A search until it turned dark proved futile, we spent a tense night, and at daybreak we continued our search.We came upon this captivating scene during our search. The four of them were found later in the day by our farm hand - wallowing in another pond. Read more about Madhubalas escapades here http://ourfarmatchitrapur.blogspot.com/2013/03/bheem-and-balaram.html

Jackfruit - the most delectable of all fruits!!!! The Sundrying begins!!

Ah, the satisfaction of a completely home-grown meal.... we followed our red rice harvest with a crop of Horse-gram (Kuleeth) - Presenting Kultha-saar, upkari and red rice - yes the coconut is also from the farm

Cow-grazing with (l to r) Purna, Karna, Kalavati, Anandi, Saraswati, Kaveri, Kamini, Jayaram, Shabari........ while the other babies are too young to be left out and the Buffalo family (Madhubala, Madhuwanti and Madhukauns) play truant and don't return home like these cows do

A traditional method of storing paddy for the rest of the year - a granary built on a cow-dung smeared floor, made exclusively of Rice Hay - pic from one of the local farmer's front yard.

Sometimes...just sometimes, it lets me sneak up close and click  a pic...

The still rocks from beyond which the water flows
Now how in the world did Zuki get up there?
So much Grace!


  1. It's so gratifying to see the farm flourishing. I wonder when we shall be able to get our full meal off the farm
    Cheers and best wishes Vivek and Tanuja

  2. So satisfying to watch farm grown yields, what a pure life.


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