Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why I am not on WhatsApp

Blinding lightening followed almost instantly by a deafening crash of thunder! The lights go off  as if struck by ..........what shall I say .... Lightening?  We race around the house unplugging all our electrical devices – we have to do this – after our modem blew up three times when we forgot to unplug it during such storms.
I have never witnessed such storms in Bombay, I have never seen sparks flying out of the electric sockets each time the sky lights up in a brilliant flash.  The wind whips up a frenzied song in the trees and the rains lash the tile roof, the swaying trees and everything around. But the time lag between each successive lightening and its accompanying thunder increases – signalling that the storm is racing over the landscape at a tremendous speed. 
Within  a few moments it has passed, adrenalin levels are back to normal, the dogs are out of their hiding places with the expression “Afraid of the thunder – aww come on – not me!” and the cat gives a bored yawn as if to say “Lets get on with my meal – shall we ?”  
Of course I am not scared, I just like to sit by the candle.
How can you let a storm upset our meal-times?
So everything continues except for the current – which we yet do not know; will show up only tomorrow evening at 6 pm.  The lightening has struck a massive tree about 250 metres from our house and it has come crashing down pulling down a whole lot of wires – electric and telephone along with it. 
So no current, no phone, no internet. 
But we are used to it now.  Mobile signal too is weak and messages sometimes go several hours after we have pressed the ‘Send’ button.  And we are trying hard to conserve the battery since we don’t know how long the blackout will last. And mind you this has been a common occurrence all through the past 4 months.
And we were managing just fine ..... until I got onto the WhatsApp bandwagon.  The current would come on for about an hour, the wifi would be switched on and my phone would start turning somersaults trying to assimilate the slew of messages in all my groups.

Hi’s,  hello’s,  pranaams.............

Jokes, limericks, one-liners.............

Emoticons, emoticons and more emoticons..........

Birthday wishes, Friendship day wishes, Fathers day wishes......

.....and some more emoticons.....


Ooooooooooooooooh!   blink blink blink   My phone battery is draining out faster than a ‘Kiwi-drainexed’ clogged drain.

 Zzzzzoinnnnkkkkkkkkkk.  And my phone is knocked senseless – dead to the world and all its messages .....    And yes, by now the current has gone off too.  Looks like another few hours of blackout.

Don't tell me you need that huge flashlight to see in the dark!

So then folks.... please don’t mind, will see you all on good old FaceBook!
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