Thursday 2 November 2017

An Ode To a Grain of Rice

Oh what joy to behold,

this single grain of Rice!

Red, in all its beauty,

against this backdrop of green,

It tells a tale of struggle,

a will to survive.

Ravaging boars

in the dark of the night,

Fiesty peacocks

shimmering their feathers

in the brightness of the day,

Swarming bugs,

 at sundown,

It held its own against these,


 by just a home-made concoction

called Panchagavya,

It grew,

 unaided by chemicals,

drank on a nectar called Jeevamruth,

It survived the lashing rains

 and harsh winds,

A miracle of creation!

O what joy to behold

this single grain of our

Home grown Rice! 

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  1. oh how sweet those words are and how exciting the colour of the rice grain is...

  2. Such a beautiful Ode, truly brings out the struggle of survival and the miracle of life.

  3. kalpanahosangadi@gmail.com26 May 2019 at 06:16

    Beautiful, lush green, airy farm with fruits and spices. Nice to spend memorable moments.


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