Saturday, 28 September 2013

Favorite Places

Chewsticks and nibbles and Whiskas and kibbles

A yard full of sunshine and a field full of fun,

Vast open spaces with a view  from the top,

these are a few of my favourite spots

Warm sunshine on the window sill

Even better when someone leaves a cushion on it for me
The size seems just right - I guess I can fit into it
Oh Yes I can, and it even has a velvet lining
Oh those days! I could even fit into the cupboard.
A Yard full of sunshine


3600   World view

See what I mean?

My favorite chair

I could not get the sun rays to bend and come to my favorite chair, so I have to make myself comfy here
The Sand pile - Believe me, they used to take Misty and me to this place where there was miles of this same stuff.
Be absolutely still and it wont be long before I catch that little bird.
Clumsy dog!!!  You just don't get it do you?
Posha says if you sit still for long enough, you can actually catch that bird


A field full of fun

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